Want to learn how to write children’s books – and have fun in beautiful rural France doing it?

Have you got a children's story you want to tell? Would you like to have the opportunity to try your hand at writing for young people? Maybe you'd like to discover if this is the kind of writing for you. Then why not enrol on my Writing for Children Course in France. You may be a beginner or have some writing experience or even be already published and looking for a new challenge. You may just want to make use of the retreat-like nature of the week to find time to write in an enjoyable, stimulating environment with some expert guidance, engaging company and splendid hospitality.

For over ten years now my wife Jinny and I have run our annual residential course on writing for children in our house in the small rural French town of Crecy in Picardie (an hour's drive from Calais).

Based on the Arvon model, the course offers participants the opportunity to write and share ideas, and to explore techniques involved in writing a range of fiction for children of different ages, with one to one tutorials, group workshops and discussions, and plenty of writing time, all in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. All of this and delicious food, wine and a spectacular fire too. The price (including free travel from London and back) is just £485. Book your place now!

What participants have said about the course:

"The situation of the house in a small French country village was in an ideal setting for inspiration. Six very different people from all over the place and across a wide age range spent 5 days together learning how to open their imaginations and let them flow. I thought my brain was going to flow out after the third attempt at a story but it did make me realise I have an imagination. I am so pleased I joined the course."

"Alan was the perfect tutor. He wouldn't butcher your work nor would he praise it if it wasn't worth it. He made apparent the gaps and flaws, made you ask question about your narrative structure and character development."

"Group discussions and sharing were, in my mind, equal in value to the tutorials. Alan always had further insights to offer and seeing how someone else had developed a story, and the feedback offered about one's own, was really constructive."

"I enjoyed the atmosphere, the people, that the champagne went all over the floor, that the food sometimes wasn't ready until 9.30, that people walked around in their pyjamas…And we kicked ass in the table football!"

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